World-famous Friesian stallion indicates off for his followers with fairytale look

Meet Frederik the Great. It may additionally be a presumptuous name, however, once you see this stallion in action, you will agree that it is appropriate. It takes a superlative to describe the awe-inspiring beauty and grace of this stunning animal.
Frederik is a Friesian, the only horse breed native to the Netherlands. He displays, with an air of proud confidence, the high-stepping trot, sleek black coat and fairytale mane, and tail that typify the breed.

“The Great” isn’t always Frederik’s solely title; he was once dubbed “The World’s Most Handsome Horse” by using his YouTube followers, who have considered his videos million of times. Jimmy Fallon stated Frederik in a May 2016 monologue, calling him “almost like a Fabio-type of the horse!”
Imported from the Netherlands in 2006, Frederik is extra than lovely — he is a Grand Champion dressage horse, prevailing the title a few months after arriving in the United States. He currently resides at Pinnacle Friesians, a farm in the Ozark mountain vicinity of northwest Arkansas.
Look for Frederik to be featured in “Frederik the Great: Beyond the Beauty,” due to be launched in spring 2017, and in a documentary titled “They Have No Voices,” which will be released later that year.


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