Well-trained horse performs hilarious ‘choreography’ to Billy Ray Cyrus classic

A horse is a horse, of course… except when she’s a line dancer. A lovely grey mare dances the electric powered slide so nicely to “Achy Breaky Heart” that Billy Ray Cyrus himself posted a video of her performance to his Facebook web page in April 2015, labeling it the “Best element ever!”
In the video below, the animal takes the central role in a team line dance carried out throughout an amusement phase of an unidentified rodeo. She begins right on cue, stepping and twirling with the different dancers in the ideal time. The audience is delighted to see her easy moves, cheering and clapping to the beat.

Nothing on the Internet comes barring some debate these days. Some commenters on Facebook voiced that they felt the horse regarded pissed off during the show, whereas others idea the video solely proved just how clever horses clearly are.
Needless to say, the video is a testament to patience, coaching, and partnership to see the mare pass with her backward-facing ears listening to her associate and tail twitching in awareness and balance. Clearly, many hours were spent getting to know the steps to the electric powered slide, but they look like they’re having so an awful lot exciting performing it that one may think they’re just horsing around!


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