Horse Attends Owner’s Funeral, Catches His Scent And Breaks Down In Final Goodbye

A horse named Sereno meant the world to his 34-year-old proprietor Wagner Lima. They had a bond that was truly different and had been the closest of friends for many years.

When Lima died in a bike accident on New Year’s Day in Brazil, his brother knew that Sereno need to be at the funeral.
Lima’s brother, Wando, knew how tons the horse supposed to him. It was once only right that Sereno used to be there beside Lima’s household and buddies to say their goodbyes.

“This horse was the whole lot to him,” Wando instructed Globo News. “It used to be as if the horse knew what used to be taking place and wanted to say goodbye.”

Source: Inside Edition via YouTube

Wando, along with Sereno, led the procession to Lima’s remaining resting region in Cajazeiras, Brazil. When the horse received close ample to smell Lima’s scent — no one predicted what would show up next.
When Sereno approached the casket, it was once as if he knew his loved owner was once inside. As soon as he was close adequate to odor him, the horse started out to sniff all around the coffin. As if Sereno understood what was happening, the horse laid its head on top of the casket to say goodbye.

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