He’s making an attempt now not to snicker on camera. What that horse is doing has each person cracking up!

When you work in the television enterprise you have to be prepared for just about anything. Things can get definitely loopy when animals get involved every time a digital camera is rolling. It’s even greater extreme when it’s “LIVE” of course…

But you cannot help but laugh when some thing like this happens on a job. It’s genuinely hard to remain composed when you get distracted behind the scenes! Just see what I mean…

Cameraman Greg Harriott was put to the check in the most hilarious way feasible when he used to be shooting a different TV interview with a horse breeder at a ranch…

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Greg tried his nice to remain steady with the digital camera however this horse simply wouldn’t let him. The horse started licking Harriott!! Soo lovely and funny. Watch this totally hilarious video.

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I hope after they were done the filming, the cameraman acquired a threat to supply that sweet horse some actual attention due to the fact that horse simply deserves it. He put on quite a exhibit for the digicam and I suspect the horse even knew the digicam used to be rolling. What a prankster!

Watch the video. What did you assume about this stupid horse? Let us recognize in the discussion section after you watch and share!! We rely on viewers like you.


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